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Public Meeting: 1050 Somerset West

February 21, 2012

An application has been received for a rezoning at 1050 Somerset Street West (the former New 168 Market), at Breezehill Avenue North for a mixed-use building of up to 28-storeys by Claridge Homes.

Details of the application will be posted here.

NB: At the time this post was published they were not yet available. They should appear there by the end of the week.

Section 37 Benefits

The nature of the proposed rezoning will make the project eligible for the requirement to provide community benefits in kind or in cash. Possible uses of this provision include public art, new green space or public space, childcare facilities, or affordable housing. The benefit must be tangible, like a building, rather than on-going, like operating funds for a program.

To submit your suggestions, please email Andrew Hickey, at andrew.hickey@ottawa.ca or call 613-580-2485.

Councillor Hobbs will be hosting a public meeting on the proposal

Date: Wednesday, March 7, 2012
Time: 7:00-9:00 PM
Location: Wellington Room, Hintonburg Community Centre

7:00-7:30 Open House (Review the presentation boards, informal questions and answers)
7:30-8:00 Presentations

  1. Introduction by Councillor Hobbs
  2. Planning Consultant Katherine Grechuta, FoTenn Consulting (for the applicant)
  3. Architect Rod Lahey (for the applicant)
  4. City Planner Melanie Knight on the process and timelines

8:00-9:00 Questions and Answers, moderated by Katherine Grechuta

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Reminder: Laroche Park Community Meeting Tonight

February 13, 2012




As promised, I have installed the Kitchissippi speed display board on Burnside.  I will let you know the outcome of the data once it becomes available.


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Attention Residents of Clarendon Avenue, Helena Street, Geneva Street, Island Park Drive & Crescent

February 3, 2012

This notice has gome out to all residents in the area that will be under construction. 


Cave Creek Collector Project – Phase II

Clarendon Avenue, Helena Street, Geneva Street, Island Park Drive and Merivale Road

Contract No. ISD10-3009
Construction Update

Please note that construction work for the Cave Creek Collector Project Phase 2 will resume February 6, 2012.
During the summer and fall of 2011, we completed the following work:

- Collector sewer and local sewer work along Clarendon Avenue and Geneva Street
- Replacement of watermains along Clarendon Avenue and Geneva Street
- Replacement of all water and sewer services along Clarendon Avenue and Geneva Street
- Replacement of the storm sewer system along Clarendon Avenue and Geneva Street
- Construction of new sidewalks, driveway reinstatement and base pavement layer along Clarendon Avenue


 - Partial construction of concrete curbs and base asphalt layer along Geneva Street

Outstanding Work on Clarendon Avenue
Construction work along Clarendon Avenue is near completion. Remaining work includes hard and soft landscaping, and the final asphalt layer. This work will take place in the spring of 2012.

Outstanding Work on Geneva Street and Helena Street Dead Ends
Sewer and water works along the dead end sections of Geneva Street and Helena Street (east of Clarendon Avenue) will take place in the summer of 2012, along with road reconstruction and landscaping work.

Outstanding work along Geneva Street (between Clarendon Avenue and Island Park Crescent)
Underground work along Geneva Street between Clarendon Avenue and Island Park Crescent is completed. Concrete curbs and a base asphalt layer have also been completed. Driveways were temporarily reinstated to provide a hard surface for the winter months. Outstanding work includes some concrete curb pieces, concrete sidewalks, hard and soft landscaping, permanent driveway reinstatement and final pavement layer. This work will take place in the spring/summer of 2012.

Winter Work
Resuming on February 6, 2012, construction work for the Cave Creek Collector Sewer will resume at the intersection of Geneva Street and Island Park Crescent. After crossing Island Park Crescent, the sewer will cross the NCC park land, and Island Park Drive. Once on the other side of Island Park Drive, the Collector Sewer will be routed towards Merivale Road and will connect to the sewer section located just south of the Highway 417 bridge structure.
The crossing of Island Park Drive is scheduled to take place the weekend of February 24-26, 2012. During this weekend, the Contractor’s crews will work on a 24 hours basis as a mean to reduce the overall duration of the sewer crossing work and to minimize traffic impacts along Island Park Drive.
Work along Merivale Road will take place between March 5, 2012 and June 1, 2012.

Temporary Traffic Modifications
Between February 6 and February 17, 2012, Island Park Crescent will be closed to vehicular traffic at Geneva Street.
On the weekend of February 24-26, 2012, construction crews will cut cross Island Park Drive. During this weekend, the Highway 417W Island Park Drive off-ramp will be closed to vehicular traffic. Both traffic lanes along Island Park
Drive will be maintained with occasional flagging. Expect delays when travelling along Island Park Drive during this weekend.
Between March 5 and June 1, 2012, Merivale Road will be closed to vehicular traffic from Island Park Drive to approximately 100m south of the highway 417 bridge. This closure is required to allow for the tunneling construction of the Cave Creek Collector Sewer under the Highway 417 structure and for the re-grading of the road to allow for a greater clearance under the Highway 417 bridge structure.

Special Assistance
If you or any member of your household requires special assistance due to a physical or visual impairment, please feel free to contact the undersigned so that we can make arrangements to obtain assistance for you.

ottawa.ca 580-2400


On-Street Parking
In the event that access to your driveway is restricted due to construction activities, a Temporary On-Street Parking Permit (orange form) will be distributed to permit on-street parking within two blocks of your residence.

Construction Vibrations
You may feel vibrations due to heavy equipment used for specific construction activities. This is quite common and not usually a problem. The Contractor will monitor vibrations during these operations. The Contractor may be contacting you soon to arrange for a pre-construction survey of your property. However, you may want to complete your own survey of your property before the work starts to record the condition of your building. This survey should include dated photographs.
The Contractor is fully responsible for any damage to private property as a result of their construction activities. If you think that damage occurred to your property as a result of construction, please contact Graydex Ottawa directly. The Contractor will take every precaution to minimize interruptions to the everyday life of your family and/or operation of your business, but as you can appreciate, there may be some inconvenience during the course of the operation of the work, such as delays and traffic detours when travelling through the construction zone, noise, dust and vibration. We would like to thank you for your patience and co-operation.

Contact Information
The inspector assigned to this project is Nat Crupi. He will be available to address any questions or concerns you might have.

Contractor’s representative City’s on-site representatives
Mario Lalonde, Project Manager Nat Crupi
Graydex Ottawa Inc Construction Technician
Tel.: (613) 225-0780 City of Ottawa
Cell: (613) 808-1434 Tel.: (613) 580-2424, Ext. 33525
Cell: (613) 286-5250

To obtain any additional information on this project, please contact the City’s Project Manager:
Luc Marineau, P. Eng.
Sr. Engineer, Infrastructure Projects
Design & Construction Municipal West Branch
City of Ottawa
E-mail: Luc.Marineau@Ottawa.ca
Tel.: (613) 580-2424, Ext. 21102
cc: Councillor Katherine Hobbs, Ward 15 – Kitchissippi
Councillor Maria McRae, Ward 16 – River

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